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Can we add and remove agents dynamically?

Hi All,

Our company is considering to add test automation to our CI/CD process.
We are using Kubernetes for CI/CD flow.
To run many test cases, we should use multiple agents created by Kubernetes.
Kubernetes creates agent node dynamically according to how many TCs run.
After TCs run, the agent node will be destroy to save the cost running Cloud’s VM instances.
Is this possible based on TestProject?
I know TestProject supports SauceLabs intergation with the similar concept.
But, by the security and maintenance issue, we want to use our Kubernetes environment.
I checked TestProject’s rest API, but I can’t find the proper API.
Is there any workaround or plan for adding new API?


Hi, thank you for reaching out to us.

There is already support for Dockers and Kubernetes, but without dynamically allocating agents in the docker. Meaning, you’ll need to pre-prepare ### dockers with agents registered to TestProject. If you want to achieve dynamic allocation we will release support for that in about two weeks that will include dynamic registration in the docker.

TestProject team.

Thank you for quick response.
Could you let me know the current support status for Dockers and Kubernetes with more details.
Is there some guide or reference?

Also, for adding dynamic agent allocation, is there some cost for adding new feature?
We want to do PoC implementation using dynamic agent allocation.


Hi Yongjo, no additional costs for dynamic agents allocation TestProject remains free. This feature will be available in the next release cycles 24-25.03 or 29.03. We can share an article on how to configure and register dockers manually as well, but since the release date is very close I encourage you using the fully automated flow as part of your CI/CD.

Hi Mark,

We will use next release version to check this feature and give you our feedback via PoC.


Hi Yongjo,

You can now create docker with TestProject agent automatically as part of your CI/CD flow. Here is a link for the documentation https://hub.docker.com/r/testproject/agent


Hi Mark,

Thank for your great support.
I will try to do it.