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Can TestProject be deployed as StandAlone rather then tests being uploaded on server?

A lot of Organisations do not allow their Project code to be deployed on cloud or third party servers.
This largely limits the implementation of testproject under these scenarios.
Can TestProject be deployed as StandAlone, like Jenkins or with any Dedicated IDE for testprojects ?


Hello @sachinrupadhyay, thanks for reaching out.

What programming languages are you using?

For coded tests, a new version of the TestProject SDK will be released on 25-26.06 that will allow executing locally with the TestProject agent without the need to upload to the TestProject servers.

Hey David, Thanks a lot for Response.
My question was in general, for any programming language supported by TestProject.
I meant to say, the rich features which testproject provide on web, could that be feasible to do locally or on local servers (take jenkins for example, just the approach) ?

Like I said, several organization do not allow hosting data on third party servers.
They might have critical workflows, or Test data etc.

Let’s clarify on the TestProject infrastructure.
The agent is running locally on premise, on your client, VM or Desktop etc. The execution is LOCAL.

The second part is the web interface. That resides on the TestProject cloud. In order for the platform to work you will need to have an active internet connection, for management purposes. The cloud stores your screenshots, reports and recorded tests.

An option, is to deploy the TestProject agent inside a docker container. With Docker’s ability to isolate environments with specific dependencies & the flexibility to ship them from or to different environments makes the work more efficient & reliable.

We can also discuss the TestProject Jenkins plugin, that will let you trigger the execution of your TestProject jobs, and save local JUnit format reports and see execution trends.

What exactly are you trying to do?

I also would like to know this. Uploading the tests online to the cloud may not be as secure. For example usernames and passwords could be entered into the tests and then this could be breached? Are there any solutions for this? (all platforms, web, app etc)

If you’re worried about sensitive information,TestProject has a “Secret Parameter” feature built in the smart test recorder that allows storing sensitive information in an encrypted state.

You can turn on this feature by selecting it while creating test level parameters or project level parameters:


These values will also be secret in your test reports:


Secret parameter can be used for coded test?
I’m using java coded test, and also want to hidden login credentials during testing.
It will be very helpful if there is some sample.


Please see this thread regarding hidden parameters in code:

Regarding the following, I am not sure the original question was answered.
If it is ok, I would like to ask my question which I believe is similar.

Is it possible (or coming in the future), to deploy the web interface locally?
Specifically, we have many environments that do not have access to the internet and it is not possible to open it up simply for TestProject Cloud. We love the features available but we simply cannot use TestProject because of this.

Hi Test Project IO Team,

I understood the initial question. I am also facing 2 difficulties similarly.

a) I requested my manager to allow us to try this platform because of many easy-to-use features right from the test design to reporting.
But it wasn’t accepted because of storing test repository in another vendor cloud / 3rd party servers (although execution happens in a sandboxed local environment).

b) I have scenarios where we don’t connect to the internet. Those test run triggers applications hosted within a restricted network. Test project agents wont work in this case unless we use the local SDK instead of the web interface provided via app.testproject.io

I could see huge effort behind this platform and sincere thanks for making it as free with open source SDK.

I think, It could be more helpful for the automation testers community, if the following are also considered in addition,

  • Standalone Application - Wrapping the web interface inside a Electron application / other desktop native frameworks. Plugins can be downloaded and then imported like Jenkins plugins for example.
  • Allowing the users to choose either cloud test repo (app.testproject.io) / local test repo from the standalone application.

btw I am waiting for JS-based SDK (heard it will be launched soon)…
Thank You :slightly_smiling_face:

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@david.goichman This is an issue that i am facing as well.

Hello @mohamedmubeen.m
First it’s important to emphasize that in case you have sensitive data we do recommend using secret parameters, this should add an additional layer of encryption.

As for saving the tests locally we are working on a feature that will allow you to export the recorded test and save them locally, then you will be able to execute them with TestProject agent without storing them in the cloud!

You should expect it early on Q2 this year.
Maybe you can get a waver from your manager to use TestProject tests artifacts in the meantime.
So stay tuned for exciting future updates!


Thanks @ran.tzur for the information.

Yes, I have used that feature for credentials. But the actual issue is storing of entire test repo in 3rd party cloud. However the idea proposed is to have a standalone application like standalone Katalon / Jenkins with downloadable plugins as the initial question also recommends… I do understand the purpose of Test Project web interface as a common platform that syncs test repo, executions & reports between users as it improves CI with greater collaboration. But when it comes to compliance aspects, it is difficult for us to store it in another cloud.

We are delighted to try that new feature soon and see if it fits. Thanks much…