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Can project Parameter be an Output Type parameter?

Can project Parameter be an Output Type parameter?
I am trying to read a value from the CSV file and use one of the values as an indicator to execute other steps.

Thanks for your help.

Hello @sharpat8
Are you trying to use this CSV file for data-driven testing?
Did you upload the file to the Data Sources tab?

If so, this method can only use test parameters and not project parameters.
You can see more about that in this tutorial:

Let me know if this has given you an answer or if you need more help.

Yes, I am using data driven testing and uploaded a file in Data Sources tab. It is reading a file and and row values from the file. I am reading first column and 1 row of CSV file and using as an indicator. If the value is YES only then read that row to execute further steps other wise skip to new row and execute.

Please let me know if this is possible in Test Project.

I hope I understood your use case.
Take a look at the following example:
I created a login test with parameters
and downloaded the template for adding all the values and uploaded to the Data Source:
I turned all my steps into a test and put conditions in it:

Now this test will only run if the indicator parameter is equal to yes.
This means that the test will only run once even though there are 2 lines in my file as you can see.
And this is the report:

The second iteration was not executed:

Let me know if it helped you.

This is exactly the same scenario and I am using the indicator as you have mentioned. I think I got confused with the input parameter and output parameters. I wanted to define this indicator at a project level parameter that can return a value from the data source but there is no Output parameter at the project level available in TestProject so I defined this parameter at the Test script level. Let me try the way you have explained and see how it works. Thanks for your help.