Can not sign in again!

Why can’t we log in to TestProject these days?
What happen? Attack? or Bug? or High loading?


what about the promise for stability?

@kazaff - You hit the nail on the head regarding stability. I don’t understand why these maintenance events have become so frequent, especially since the product has stopped any new feature-set development. What is annoying is that, after every maintenance event, all my agents become unauthorized and I have to begin the process of reauthorizing them.

The problem with that is there is no means to reauthorize a registered agent without reregistering the agent again (unless I am missing something). Once the agent is reregistered, I then need to reassign the new agent instance to all my jobs that were using the old instance.

We have already began the process of evaluating alternatives to TestProject. However on the short term, we will need to live with our existing testing model, especially since we have invested 3 years of development into this framework.

I remember when the TestProject development team was constantly communicating with the user community regarding support issues, new feature-set requests, and upcoming releases. I was constantly on their release webinars, where I saw a team that was proud of the work that was done and was eager to present it to the community. I even had opportunities to meet with them directly to discuss my requests and concerns. I remember when Tricentis acquired them and published a promising and reassuring press statement to the community:

Now completely dark, with no explanation and a single statement in this forum from Tricentis stating that support is not available because it is a free product. Here is a question for Tricentis: After creating this level of distrust and incompetency in this forum, how do you convince this user community to migrate to and invest again in your other testing solutions?


It’s too embarrassing…

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