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Can I work with my team in TestProject?

Hello guys. I’m new to TestProject.
Currently i’m exploring all the features and i have a question:
I have a team of QA testers, we are making mobile applications tests. Can i use TestProject to work with my team so everyone can manage and make tests and share to each other?
Thank you!

Hi John! Glad to meet you! :slight_smile:

Shortly - yes, you can :slight_smile:

Since you want to work with your team you need to have one main account, and you will be the account owner there. After this simply go to your profile and in Users tab.

Here's a screenshot


There you will see “Add Team Member” button.

That's how the button looks

Click on it and send the invitation email to your teammates. After registration they will be able to participate in all project and tests that you have and planning to do :slight_smile: You can also invite people to specified projects and give the admin rights to your colleagues.

And even more!
With TestProject you can not only manage and create tests with team but also use each other devices as PC, iOS or Android mobile devices to run automation on remotely.