Can I use recorder to Automate GUI testing?

I am looking for ways to implement test project for GUI testing. Is there a way we can do that like it compares the screen with Figma design and annotate the discrepancy from Figma Design?

Hi @nandish ,

You can use this example and implement it on your designs:
First, we need to prepare in advance the image of the element to which we want to compare in our test, for that we use Take element screenshot:
in the action we need to select the element, the path to save the image and the name.

After we have that image we can use it for the compering:

I chose to take the created image and create a new folder for it I called an image “expected results”
So now, I can use Compare image with UI element action:

I put the ImagePath “C:\screenshot\expected results\demo.jpg” Where I saved the Image.
ResultImagePath is “C:\screenshot” there I choose to save the path where the image to be taken in the test will be saved.
ImgName: “imageFromApp”
FileFormat “jpg”.

So now I can run it without the step that saves the image (I put it on Disable), because I already have that Image.
Now you can look at the result of the run

I can see now the step is passed, the difference is 0.00%, this means that the pictures are completely identical!

Let me know if it helped, and if you have further questions don’t hesitate.