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Can I see Test Case versions?

Hi there,

I have been really enjoying TestProject.

I invited my team member, and he made some changes in my test, I can see the changes with his name :slight_smile:

However, I am not able to see what changes he made and there is no test case versioning.

Please advice

Furqan Malik

Hi, fmalik! Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

TestProject only allows you to see the name of the last person who updated the test case.
The “Version control” feature is in our roadmap for 2020 year.

What can be done at this moment :


It is possible to add comments to every step that you have inside the case.
Everyone can update them, when making changes.

  1. Nested Tests
    You can also use nested tests (A small test cases with a specific area of usage in your application)
    When someone updating something in one of this test cases, before making changes, this test can be duplicated. This way we can edit original test name and add 1.0. and after - use a duplicated one to make changes

  2. SDK and coded tests
    TestProject provides an SDK which you can use for creating you tests with code, using C# and Java.
    Also, soon we will provide support for more programming languages