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Can i run tests from the cli using a different agent

I was running tests from the downloaded file using the run command in the CLI

> ~/testproject/agent/bin/testproject-agent run ~/Downloads/register.yaml -o Desktop

but I wanted to run the same test on a different agent on a different machine so I tried using

> ~/testproject/agent/bin/testproject-agent run --agent ~/Downloads/register.yaml -o Desktop

but it didn’t work, is this even possible or is there any way to achieve the same thing, and how do I get the {HOST}:{PORT} for the remote agent

also, is there a way to start running a job with the local or remote agent from the CLI?


There is no capability for running YAML files on a remote Agent.
We will be adding this capability in the future.

is it just YAML files? is there a way to run online tests on a remote agent with the cli?

You can easily trigger the execution of tests and jobs from the cloud, using the API.
This is the common and the most efficient way of integrating your automation into the existing CI/CD pipelines. Here is some documentation for it:

And here’s the Swagger that you can use to try the execution endpoint: