Can I record a test without mouse scrolling being captured?

Each time I record a test a lot of scrolling is recorded. Deleting that is cumbersome. Please could you let me know if this is possible to switch off scroll capture?

Hello @mkulik,

If the recording option is turned on, every interaction will be recorded,
when scrolling you can switch off the recording option and then it will not record the scrolling,
and then when you are done you can turn it on again.

Also you can easily delete a bunch of steps if you click on the checkbox of the first step:

And then press the shift key and click on the last consecutive step:

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Thank you for your reply. It is not exactly what I wanted(It would be great to have such feature) but your tips are very helpful.

I would like to capture the scroll window, but somehow i’m not able to capture it. I would like to turn on the feature back again. How to do it? I have raised it here.

Hi is not working for me as well.

@artem.kuznetsov, Hi is it a problem or test-project have a new functionality…?