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Can I launch test on site from the report page?


I’m very new to automated testing. So I don’t really understand how it should work.

I try to understand if I can write a test with use of SDK and then launch it on site, as if I create test on site.

As I can see, in older versions of SDK there were option to upload jar with tests, but now it is removed. And I see forum topics, were I’ve told, that with new SDK version there is no need to upload jars and reports are automated.

So I find reports on site and find steps and results of my tests, that I create with new SDK. But I can’t find if there is option to rerun these tests from site. May be I miss something?

Hello @mohax.spb
With the new open SDKs , tests are executed locally , you will get all the reports and the dashboard if you choose so, but executions for those coded tests are not managed though the TestProject platform.
Since they are local, you can manage the executions in whatever way you see fit.