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Can I do API testing with Test Project?

Is it possible to do API testing with Test Project? I couldn’t find an option for that, only mobile, web and code.

Thank you, Maria.

Hi Maria!

Really nice meeting you :slight_smile:
You can definitely perform API testing using TestProject! We have a great addon for that called “RESTful API Client”. This addon allows you to send GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE requests. You will get back the server response, so that you can later use it according to your needs.

Also, check out this article: https://blog.testproject.io/2018/11/28/rest-api-testing-testproject/
It’s a step-by-step tutorial that can really help you understand how to work with this addon.

We are always here to help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Kind regards,

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