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Can I do a full resync of an entire project on GitHub?


I’ve noticed that if i update a subtest, it gets synced to GitHub but the tests that import it do not. They still have the old version of the subtest.
Is it possible to trigger a full resync of the whole repo somehow ? I’ve tried to disable and reenable sync but that doesnt seem to work.


When you update a subtest you are changing the modification date,
When you are importing the test again the subtests have different modification dates and marked as different, resulting in importing the “old” version of the subtest. re syncing the entire project will not do much as we threat both subtests as different tests once the modification date changed.
If an old version of the test will always use the most recent version of the subtest it can break all the tests in the test history. so this behavior is fully intended.

Not sure i understood correctly, so a test will always use the old version of a subtest until the call to the subtest gets deleted ? and then if i readd the call again, will it use the newest version then ?

The thing is that we use subtests a lot, for example we have a test that handles login and most other tests import the login subtest as a first step, to avoid recording the same things over again. So if there is a change on the login page and i modify the login subtest, how can i make sure that all the tests use this new version of the login subtest ?


Just as @SjakieMaksym mentioned in his example, we also have multiple repetitive scenarios, like the login functionality and we use sub-tests exactly for this reason, to avoid changing whole suites of tests that use/test that same “functionality” as a subtest.
Why would I update a sub-test if I wouldn’t want the updated version in my other main tests? What would even be the point to have that sub test as a STEP?
Subtests are actual steps inside another test and should be treated as such. It does not become a new independent test inside another test, it’s always that same main test, used as a step. And if you broke it you can revert it, that’s what git is for.

Could someone give us some insight on how will this be approached? Right now, for us, it’s a blocker.
We should at least have a choice to be able to do this.

Hi guys,
Any help on the matter?

we’re looking into it, will keep you posted soon.

Great. I’m really glad to hear that.
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Hi @daniel.puchianu & @SjakieMaksym,

We have already fixed this issue and it’s currently being tested.
This fix should be available in a few days.

This is the ticket number for this issue: 16186.


Great news.
Thnx a lot guys! :slight_smile:

It was fixed and released, please let us know if it works for you.

I’m not able to get it to work, maybe i’m doing something wrong. Could you please explain a bit what the steps are to resync.