Can I Create Like A Connector In Automation Testing

I need suggestion for my web testing
I need create like a flowchart for my test,
I want to connect one node to another node like this
Become like this,
In manually testing, to reproduce the connector (Line Arrow)
I must click in start node and then pull to another node
This is possible to do in automation test?

Hi @eki.migrasi and welcome to our community.

sure, if you are actually testing a web app there is no need to be any issues you just have to find the right solution to automate this kind of test.
For this scenario, you can use the “Drag and drop with Robot” addon:

  • In general, what this addon does is move the mouse from start coordinates to destination while holding the left click.

First, we’ll have to add a new step manually:

  • Then in the action section, we’ll have to select “Drag and Drop with robot”, then you will see many inputs that you can give coordinates values to the robot after you have put the right coordinates click on save step:

  • If you noticed we also have the option to add a timeout, this option can help us avoid test flakiness (if you are running a bulky test case) the default is 1ms.

  • And that’s it, now let’s run this step and see how he drags and drops the element to the desired destination:

Let me know if it helped you, and if you have any more questions please feel free :slight_smile:

hi Alex, thanks a lot for your advice,
it can applied in my test :grinning: