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Camera is not enabled while recording

HI Testing Community,

I am very much new to this platform. I have the below general queries:

  1. The application that I am trying to automate requires an Image Capture in the Journey but while trying to record. I could see camera was BLOCKED, neither option was shown to allow/block.

  2. Post that, i also have to upload image in the Journey, I have seen there is ADD ON. But not very clear on how to implement that, any link would be useful

  3. Random EMAIL generation, this again is enabled with ADD ON. But i was not successful after adding an action. Any help here is much appreciated…

Many Thanks

Hello @renuka.prasad.

Regarding your questions:

  1. What is the application you are using? Something we can check out?
  2. To upload a file during test, you will need to use the ‘File Uploader’ addon, which contains an element action to upload files to input type elements and an action to upload files using an element XPATH:

For example, to use one of the actions you will need supply the path of the file to be uploaded and the XPATH of the INPUT type element that will accept the file.

(These are actions for Web tests)

  1. Random email generation is really simple, it is part of the ‘Random Login Credentials’ addon.
    All you need to do is create the action to generate the random email, it contains multiple optional fields you can fill in, but be sure to select at least one type of characters to use (lower/upper/special).

    The result will be outputted and you can store it in an output parameter for later use.