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[Bug] Web smart test recorder does not record deleting the content of an input field

If a text input field is pre-populated, deleting that text while recording using the smart test recorder does not produce a step corresponding to the deletion of the text in the input field. Upon playback of the recorded test, the text is also not deleted.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Begin recording a test
  2. Navigate to a webpage with a pre-populated input field, for example the following webpage: Pre-populate a form field (input) with JavaScript | Code.broker
  3. Record yourself deleting the contents of the pre-populated input field

Hi @samuelshagan

We have the clear contents action for that.
Simply hover over the textbox → Press double shift and select Clear contents action:

Then, save the step and it will clean the content of the checkbox.

I have verified that this works on a desktop browser but it does not work within a modal on Android. Do you have suggestions for how to clear/delete prepopulated text within a modal? Thanks