[Bug] Repeat after failure steps do not execute in run time

Using a Recovery on Failure test with a repeat step after does not function correctly in the run time of a test, only in the editor.

Found this issue in our platform tests but I created a sanity check to prove the bug exists, tests are as such:

  1. Navigate to http://google.com
  2. Click accept all
  3. Attempt to click xpath “//span[. = ‘Account’]”
  4. Run recovery to click xpath “//a/*[name()=‘svg’]”
  5. Repeat.

This works in the test editor, but when running it as a test it does not execute the repeat step.
Screenshots below for proof of execution, showing that it runs the test, runs the ‘on failure’ test, but does not repeat.

Screenshots of test logs

This is quite a crucial piece of functionality as it allows the tests I am writing to have adaptive functionality to navigate or perform certain actions, and while the tests will run perfectly fine when editing, I have now found tests I am writing do not function at all when run.