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BrowserStack vs Saucelabs

Hi all,

Integration wise which do you prefer? I’m currently using BrowserStack but will need to upgrade my account and was wondering if which was better?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Iantwee3,

Both Sauce Labs and BrowserStack are great. They offer pretty much the same.
I think you should consider also their pricing plans, support, and other aspects that are not related to the functionality.

You can also check out this comparison blog post: https://blog.testproject.io/2020/02/04/top-5-solutions-executing-test-automation-cloud-comprehensive-comparison/

I think that other community members here can share from their experience :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Thanks for the blog link @amit.yahav! The pricing plans are very similar as well so would be great to hear what others prefer.


I’m going through a comparison process at the moment for the company I work for and have found the following points to bear in mind:

  • Browserstack and Saucelabs have a key difference between the ways that they price.
    • BS splits their plans into ‘browser testing’ and ‘mobile app’ testing. If you are not testing a native app you only need a browser testing plan.
    • SL splits their plans into ‘virtual cloud’ and ‘real device’. You can test both web and native apps with either of these, virtual cloud provides desktop browsers and emulated mobile devices… real devices provides only real mobile devices (If you need to test desktop and real mobile, you need both plans).
  • Speaking anecdotally, sauce labs seems more stable than browserstack… though there is scope for that to be down to my local network/config, but with SL you can specify that you wish to run against EU servers only (local to me)
  • SL has the ability to use a regular expression for finding devices. For Example: in capabilities I can set “iPhone.*” to use any available iphone in my tests
  • BS gives you greater access to the devices console. This allows you to do things in the live test mode like rate limit the connection to 3g on a mobile device. (I can’t find a way to do this on SL without buying an enterprise plan)

We are yet to make a final decision, but either way, both are great tools that complement testproject fantastically.

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Thanks for the awesome feedback @danieldjrose!!