Browserstack/Saucelabs integration - No iPads Available in List

I have integrated test project with my free Browserstack account and alternatively, a free SauceLabs account. When I run a test and look for mobile devices, it does not list any iPads, only iPhones for both integrations.

Is this a limitation of the integration or is this a limitation due to my free account at browserstack/Saucelabs? because when I am on their site, I can use iPads for testing.

Well, I suppose when I opened Xcode and had my simulators available, both Saucelabs and Browserstack options showed a ton of available iPad simulators when trying to run the test again. That doesn’t really make sense to me but idk, maybe it’s fine? Why would my simulators appear in the saucelabs integration?

Sorry this can be closed. I guess it took a bit to propagate the devices.