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BrowserStack Question

So I have TP running 100% green on a job containing about 13 Tests (local agent)

However when I run the job through BrowserStack (Virtual Agent (paid plan)) a lot of my tests seem to fail. I have tried adding extended wait times where items are failing thinking it could be that.

I can’t seem to immediately notice what is causing this and before I go down a massive rabbit whole I thought I would ask the geniuses here :wink:

Is there something that needs to be tweaked between Test Project and Browser stack to avoid this? Again I can run it over an over locally and all work 100%

Please let me know if I can provide more information.

Thanks In advance

To add to the above, seems as BrowserStack doesn’t find CSS locators (this is inconsistent) can’t completely put my finger on it, but it struggles to find them. I am still doing more research and troubleshooting.

Hello @marcel.bauer
Are you running the test on a Virtual agent or a local agent?

the one I’m having an issue with is (Test project) Virtual Agent + BrowserStack (Chrome if that helps)
These are Web tests.

using Local Agent test runs = 100% passed.

Just not sure if there is a tip or trick I need to use/add when running through the virtual agent+browserStack. is there some weird setting or something that gets in the way?

Again fairly new to TP and BrowserStack so this could totally be something I am doing incorrectly.