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BrowserStack integration - Jobs only running on 1 of 5 selected devices

Hello all,

I have created few simple tests and a job on TestProject and then tried to run the job on BrowserStack devices, however:

  • While single tests work without any issues…
  • …Entire jobs fail and cannot be tested fully

What i mean by the second part - is that when i run a job that is meant to run on 5 different BrowserStack devices - it only runs on one of them and then stops.

What could be the issue? Is it maybe the limitations of the Free plan that i am currently using on BrowserStack?

Thanks for help!

Ps, i will attach few screenshots for more information:

Hello @jb.przybylowicz
First, What is your BrowserStack plan?
Second, I see it is running on a Virtual Agent, can you try please to run the job on your BS account using your LOCAL agent.

Hello @ran.tzur

The issue has been resolved - basically what happened is that i did not realize which exact devices are available for me in the Free Trial plan for BrowserStack. Once i’ve selected the ones that are available for me - everything worked as expected.

Thank you for the help regardless,


Great, thanks for sharing.