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Browserstack and saucelabs integration

hi , is there someone here that already done integrating with any of saucelabs or browserstack?

for saucelabs : seems currently their website can not access. i got 406 everytime go to accessing saucelabs

for browserstack. i tried free trial with 2 of my email. but all of them is showing that the integration is already exist
Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 14.52.37
while this is my first time integrating it with testproject. so i think there is no way that the integration is already exist.

is anyone can help?

Thanks for reaching out.
A 406 error is a client side error, and I am able to complete the integration with no issues on my Windows machine.
406 is really broad type of error meaning some kind of content mismatch between the server and client, are you getting it only when accessing through the TP website or you can’t enter the Sauce Labs site in general? Can you try using a different browser or network to attempt to access their site?
All you need to do there is get your username and token and go back and insert it in TP.

i cant enter sauce labs site in general at all.
yap previously im thinking its client side issue. so i tried in chrome and safari not worked. then also in 1 of my friends device he also get 406.

Like I said this seems like a local issue as I have done this today myself. Does it work on a different network?
Regardless, I think you should contact Sauce Labs to check this out by opening a support ticket if possible or mailing them at help@saucelabs.com explaining the situation.