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Broken local environment/Can't execute uploaded code

Hello all, I have been struggling over the last couple of weeks with different issues. First it was generating a valid jar to upload into TP, which I managed to get help on but the uploaded code does not executes anymore on my local environment.

I suspect there’s some overlap with agent versions because I couldn’t execute anymore upon upgrading agent, I tried to roll-back but the agent still recognizes the newer version installed so this version uses Java 13 which I was told it is not supported so I’m not sure how to proceed anymore, followed guides, searched throughout the forum and sent over a log to support but haven’t had any success.

What is the guide to completely remove the agent from a linux environment?

At execution the error is:

Hi @tomas.cruz. What agent version are you using, and on what OS are you running your agent?

Hello. So in TP website the version is 2.2.1 but in the console when starting the agent it says 2.3.2. Here are SS:

What Operating system are you using?

We are using Ubuntu 18.04, My colleague who is using same OS has the message of a newer agent when starting the agent too.