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Best way to run job on different environment

Good day! As the title says, what is the best way to run a job on different environment? All I can think of is to have a data source that contains the ApplicationURLs of the different environments.

Hi @gerard.benavides,

Data source is a valid option. I would do that with a project parameters, as they are global and can be used with any test in the project where they are defined.

Another good reason to use project parameters, is the option to create/edit them through the API: https://api.testproject.io/docs/v2/#/ProjectParameters/ProjectParameters_GetProjectParameters

Hope it make sense :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Great @amit.yahav! I think that’s the best option, but how can I run environments consecutively without changing the parameters? or how can I run multiple environments on a single test job run?


The URL parameter is defined per test. You can assign multiple tests to a job and have then configured to run on different environments