Best practices to modify tests, which are currently part of scheduled jobs


I currently have a series of tests which are part of scheduled production regression jobs. I want to modify these tests to support newly developed feature-sets, without impacting the current jobs. Even with the built-in Git intergration, I don’t see a way to keep the new test modifications separate from the version utilized in the production jobs. Does TestProject support versioning that includes branching with the ability to promote that branch to production? I am assuming it does not, so can anyone recommend a best practice for modifying existing tests and promote these changes on demand. The only way I can see to do this is to manually duplicate the test, make the modifications, and when ready replace the corresponding test in the job(s) , with the new test, that includes the modifications.



I second this. This is becoming a bigger issue as our test repository grows and becomes more complex. Supporting git branching would help significantly to this end.