Be able to delete storage automatically

Hello, it is quite inconvenient to ask every time for storage to get emptied a bit in order to start receiving screenshots for failed tests. This takes some days and during this time it is impossible to get any screenshots to investigate the root of the issues.

It would be nice if there is any way to either:

  1. delete storage older than x months (eg 2 mo) automatically from your side
  2. be able to delete test results older than x months or just pick from date filter, get results, and click to delete manually (it is test results that take the most space i assume)

Hopefully you can consider this.

Many thanks.

Found in another post in the forum an answer with an API which can delete some storage. But i need to execute this API multiple times. So a button in UI which could delete all test results older than x days with just one click would be ideal. (or of course the automatic deletion)