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Automation of Cloud Oracle Application

Can we automate any of these application using open source (like Test project or selenium, Javascript or cypress)?
• WMS (Warehouse Management)
• TMS (Transportation Management)
• Leasing
• EPM (Enterprise Performance Management)
• CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

if yes please guide me with resources

Hello and thanks for reaching out.

Currently, TestProject only supports Web, Mobile, and API testing.
If the applications you have listed are of those type, you can easily just input their URL or select their application if on mobile (Android/iOS), and start recording from there.

If you are needing coverage for other application types, we would urge you to check out Tricentis Tosca.
They are a commercial solution for automation, but they offer a 7 day free trial before purchase.

It should support it with the new recorder, feel free to contact the support team in the chat if you have any issues