Automation: How on earth is this a Pass?

Situation: I’m checking on the value of a checkbox. I will click on it depending on its current value and a user-input value.(basically, if they dont match, make it so that they do)


penaltyClause is the value from the checkbox.
hasPenaltyClause is the value from the data source/input.

Pay attention to the highlighted values. These are post-processing values(explained below)
Pre-processing, hasPenaltyClause’s value is “N” from the data source.

Step 35 gets the current value/state of the checkbox and parses it into the variable, penaltyClause.
Step 36 checks if hasPenaltyClause’s value is “Y”. If true, reset the variable to “true”. It skipped, because hasPenaltyClause’s value isnt “Y”.
Step 37 checks if hasPenaltyClause’s value is “N”. If true, reset the variable to “” (blank). As you can see, it passed, so we can now assume the value of hasPenaltyClause value is “”(blank)

Basically, in coding terms for Step 36 and 37:

if (setVariableFee==“Y”) setVariableFee = “true”
else if(setVariableFee==“N”) setVariableFee = “”

As you can see, there’s a condition “penaltyClause must not equal to “”(blank)” to run this step.
The actual condition for this step is penaltyClause must not equal to hasPenaltyClause.

if (penaltyClause != hasPenaltyClause) run Step


Yet, the step is highlighted in green, indicating the both values are not the same, thus passing the condition. But, as you can see from the screenshots above, they are the same values, so this step should not be run.

Firstly, I want to mention: my test scripts works as expected in Record mode. I even made a clarification from TestProject itself that it treats “null” as “”(blank).
My issues only happen when its run as part of a job.

Secondly, no, I’m not interested in Zoom meetings.

Hi @erik.yeow ,

The best way to understand what is the issue is to look at the reports, please share them and specifically the reports of step 35 until 38.
I assume that the parameter did not treat this value as blank and what happened is actually he treated it as ‘’ so it means he has value and it does not equal to = “” .
Instead of blank, did you try to put “unknown”? it should also behave as null.

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