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Authoring Add-Ons with C# SDK

Unless my memory is completely flaky, there used to be some add-ons that indicated they were authored using C# - and I have “heard” that it is technically feasible to create add-ons using C#, but not recommended (and no longer documented either - it appears).

I recently perused the Add-On library, and no longer find ANY add-ons that indicate they are created with C#

Can someone please let me know:

  1. The history (were there at one point C# add-ons in the library)
  2. Why the Legacy Java SDK is the only supported way (and it appears this is still to be the case after TP 2.0 is released) to author add-ons
  3. When/If will add-on authoring with C# be possible?

Currently authoring addons avilbale with java/C# SDK v1 only, you can read more about it C# addons here

There are 2 mains reasons why using java ​is the recommended method for addons at the moment

  1. The agent come with all of the dependencies to execute java based addons vs C# that will require .NET 2.1 installed on the target
  2. Java addons can be shared with the entire community vs C# addons that can be shared on the account level only.

Authoring addons with OpenSDK would be possible in the future, planned for Q4 2021. You can use current v1 SDKs for this purpose for now.

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Thanks for this information, Mark!
I had looked for information regarding authoring add-on’s with C# previously but didn’t find this article then.
I will give it a shot - have worked around this by creating several “generic tests” using the test editor. Will try implementing one as a C# account level add-on for use with our POC.