Are TestProject all free? Any price for cloud storage?

So I would like to clarify with TestProject (not sure if you’ve posted it anywhere) if we use more than 2GBs of test storages, how much do we need to pay (I thought I found the number $8 per person somewhere)? And is it per team or per person within team? Thank you!

Hi @SupawisT,

TestProject is completely free to use for all of its current existing features, there is no paid version (the references you’ve seen are ones from the past, before being acquired by Tricentis back in 2019 :wink:). You can read more about it here.

Regarding storage - The default free 2GB storage given per account is usually more than enough for 98% of our users, even for large enterprise users. You can also manage your storage by deleting items that are not in use anymore (for example old reports), and free up the account space.

In case required, please reach out to and we’d be happy to incrementally increase your storage with 5GB at a time & up to 15GB storage in total for free. Usually it’s more than enough, even for our largest customers, since the only aspects that take up your storage are: Data sources, apps, screenshots in the reports, coded tests and private addons.

The team and I are always here to help :slight_smile:


That helps clarify my question. Thanks a lot!

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Great! Happy to help anytime :slight_smile:


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