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Applitools integration

We have been working with a proof of concept with TestProject for some time now, and we have found Testproject to be a modern tool with many strengths that could help us going all in with test automation for our offerings of native iOS and Android apps.

The most prominent challenge with the other test automation tools is that it is difficult to find some of the shelf product that supports A-Z in CI/CD pipeline. Either there is a cumbersome client side dependency stack to handle or there are missing integration support.

Test project matches most of our pipeline, but in the products that we are testing we have (pdf) document viewer from Pdftron where it is imperative that we are able to do automated assertions. TestProject cannot interact directly with the pdf viewer. I order to avoid having a proprietary Android framework we have concluded that image comparison is our best option for managing this. However, Image comparison tool for TestProject seems to require local copies or drop-box copies of the images, and that is not exactly what we need. We need to do more runtime comparisons. Applitools seems to offer what we need in this area, but TestProject doesn’t have an Applitools integration (Katalon Studio has), and I don’t know if there are any plans for such integration.

My question is if anyone in this forum are using the Pdftron viewer for Android and have some hints how to make assertions from a TestProject based framework?


Hello @vegar.warhuus, can you add more details about the images you are trying to compare? TestProject provides the option to save images locally and in Dropbox in runtime.

The Image comparison addon for Test Project seems to offer some of the same features as Applitools. However, forming and maintaining a screenshot baseline seems a bit more cumbersome using Image Comparison. As far as we can see, you will need separate tests/test suites for gathering the baseline screenshots, and comparing them. In Applitools the screenshots are both gathered and compared runtime, and you can manage your baseline more dynamically, by accepting screens with expected updates as your new baseline.