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applicationURL parameter disappeared from parameters

Hi All,

Just started using Testproject to run my test and so far it works great :tada:
Only I ran into a problem where the applicationURL disappeared from one of my tests while I was debugging it. Is there somehow a way to add the applicationURL parameter back in to the test parameters without creating it manually.

Thnx all.
p.s. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread.

Hello @rbal
That is just an auto generated parameter, you can create a parameter, give it anyname you want, and use the Navigate to URL action, with that parameter inside, it will work exactly the same as the auto generated one.

So it is added manually but it is quick and simple.

Hi @ran.tzur,
Thanx much appreciate the suggestion, Only in that case I will need to change both the parameters (applicationURL and x) When I need to change to a other URL with my tests. Or change my tests that they all use the new parameter.

You can still use the existing applicationURL parameter, and create the navigate to URL step with that parameter.

That’s the problem, the parameter doesn’t exist anymore in one of my test but does exist in all of my other tests. I already created a separate parameter called appURL but now when I change the URL off the application I need to change both of the url’s. It isn’t that big of a deal but was just looking if there was a quick fix for that. Or does it work if I create a parameter inside of that test that is called applicationURL that it will be linked to the URL of the application that is setup inside of the project?

Thanx for the support @ran.tzur I actually found a way to re-import the applicationURL. I imported a other test where the applicationURL exists and than added the parameter when the popup asks you to add the parameter of that imported test.

Great, thanks for sharing.
Regarding the deletion of the parameter, if you did not explicitly deleted it, as in went into Input Parameters or Parameters in general:
And DELETED the parameter:
The parameter is still in your test, and you can re add it in any step by pressing the + button

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