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Application is not opening


I am recording a test for my site. I have added my application under applications.

When I start recording, it opens up the recorder in new Chrome window but the site is not getting loaded.

See the attached screenshot.

Can anyone help please?

Chandresh Parmar

Hi @cparmar.mail .
Can you please open a Chrome dev tools and look into console?
Is there any messages?

Hi @Vladyslav,

I saw the chrome dev tools console, it is showing no errors.

See the screenshot.

Hi @cparmar.mail,

Does your website contains iframe elements?

Hi @amit.yahav

My website doesn’t contain any iframe element.

Can you share this website with me? I would like to check it myself

It’s an internal project website Amit. It won’t work outside of my company network.

Can you please contact us from the TestProject chat? I need to ask you to provide some private information that you wouldn’t want to share here in the forum.

Hi @amit.yahav

I am trying to contact you guys from TestProject chat since 10-12 hours and getting no response there.

Can you please initiate chat from your end?

Hi @cparmar.mail,

I see that you already got an answer in our chat. Let’s continue the conversation there :wink: