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Appium setting screen blok my test

The test is not running due to a problem we could not solve. No one has been able to solve this problem for a week. I connect the device to my computer via usb, all the device developer settings are correct. The local agent is registered and I just want to test the calculator on my phone. I say new test, the recording starts and after 5 seconds the system installs appium settings and an app called io.appium.uiautomator2.server on my mobile phone and then the appium setting white screen turns on and off, and meanwhile, the test continues. Then, after 10 seconds, the appium setting setting window appears on my phone’s screen and closes. The test continues in this way for about a minute and a fail warning comes as a result of the test. By the way, on the system, my device appears in the background. I’m about to complain, we can’t solve this situation. I am waiting for urgent support. Lots of love and greetings.

Please try to check for any anti-virus / protection softwares or any specific program that might block communication between your PC to the device.
Known programs to cause issues are:
Windows Bitdefender
Checkpoint endpoint protection
If you disabled everything that can interfere with the communication please contact us at: support@testproject.io with your agent logs.

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