(Appium) Mobile - Reset App step not working

Hi all,
Is anyone else experiencing the reset app step not actually resetting the app for Android?
I have used TestProject for over a year and always use the default Reset App step at the start of a test to clear the data and have a clean start for my tests.
However, for the past 2 weeks or so the reset app step has not been working.

This has pretty much wiped out my ability to test on mobile as the app is not starting from a blank canvas each time.

I have tried on a few different devices (Samsung, Xiaomi, Poco all running Android 12), none of which successfully reset the app. I have tried on different apps, also with no success. I created these tests about 4 weeks ago, and they have previously worked on my current setup. I have been running a job with 10 tests on a regular basis which requires the reset app step to work, and recently it fails at the first step, where it used to smoothly complete all tests.

The Reset App step executes when a test is run and gets a success marker next to it as though it completed as expected, but the app returns to the last used state when it opens and the app data remains.

I have tried reinstalling the Agent to see if that helps, but it did not.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @christopher.carney, Reset app step is not working in agent version 3.5.0. So I downgraded my agent version to 3.4.2 and it works. Probably it should be fixed in next update. Thanks.

Hi Viswanth, Thanks for this! I just rolled back to 3.4.2 and it’s working for me now.

Like you said, hopefully they’ll have a fix in the next update!

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