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Append to CSV Function Isse

I try to append output parameters to a specified CSV file. Then, I use the test flow with a data driven test. However, every time it runs, the append step overwrites the CSV file.

Is there a common workaround or common mistake about this?

Alternatively, how can I export the output parameters for every input data?

Hello @a.karaca
When you run the step it overwrites the values, it starts with the first column and the first row, this is how the action works.
You have two options to overcome it:

  1. Every run, create a new file with a different name, for example, use the name as a parameter that you will initialize with the current time e.g.

Then use this parameter as the file name on the Append values to a CSV file action as well.

2. use Update CSV file actin, and then you can choose exactly where to Insert the values so it’s not to overwrites the existing values

Let me know if it helped you

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Yes, it works. It is a great idea actually. Thanks!

Not being able to export the parameter data properly is very weird in the first place. Also, the I wouldn’t expect Append to CSV method to overwrite CSV files.