App don't override when the new version of the app is uploaded

Hi Team,

Consider if there is a app installed in mobile and the new build is available in application, when execution happens we don’t see the new build has been installed(don’t override) and this leads to testing of the same version of the app which is already present in mobile.

We need to get it resolved as most of our jobs runs on CICD.

Thanks in advance for any solution.

Sunil Gowdru C

Hi @SunilGowdruC,
You are probably facing this problem because you uploaded the app to TestProject and are using it for your tests.
Here are two solution that should help fix your issue:

  1. Change the app version from the TestProject Applications tab -

  1. Let TestProject get the app from your device -

Please let me know if it helped fix your issue.

@ran.ferdinaro - Manually if I uninstall the build and upload new build, it works fine.

but the issue is that if build is already installed and when updated build is available to install - it don’t override when test case executes at first step(Reset App).