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API v2 - reports - missing nested tests and steps durations [OPEN]

Hi, I would like to ask about API v2 for reports. There is endpoint for downloading report from job/test execution (GET /v2/projects/{projectId}/tests/{testId}/reports/{executionId}). Where I can turn on “details”.
But steps do not contains sub-durations (as in UI) and there are no nested tests as in PDF’s full report.
see imgs as example of same test execution

We are from performance team and we are reusing as much QA work as we can. We would like to gather all these data to our internal system for performance analysis. Our QA’s starts to use this great framework and I hope there is a way how to get sub-durations and nested test via json. Do you have some advice?

We have an improvement request open on this topic (ticket - 16451),
I will let you know once it’s resolved.


Hello, is there an update to this feature request?
It would be helpful for my performance testing workflow to extract the timestamp of discrete steps directly through the API, without going into the test’s PDF report.
Dont know how to access the ticket, a link would be helpful if there are updates there.
Thanks! Great product.

Hi @brian,
We appreciate your request and intention to make the product better, unfortunately, this is not on our roadmap at this point, I will notify you if our dev team decide to move forward with your request at a later time.

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