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API Test Cases + Testproject Reporting approach

Hi all!

We are having a scenario that I would like to describe to you so that you can assist us in finding the right way to implement this.


We are testing GRPC calls using C# + xUnit + Specflow + Living Doc.


Just LivingDoc doesn’t match our requirements. We want reports like TestProject, where we can see the results of each build (not just the last one).

To integrate our project with TestProject we could use:

SDK – but it seems not to be possible as I need to call my test classes with runner.Run(new BasicTest()) and those classes are auto-generated by xUnit Specflow.

OpenSDK – but then I have to instantiate a ChromeDriver for nothing. As I’m using GRPC calls, there is no reason to instantiate a browser for every test which is time consuming in a environment with thousands of test.


Thank you and best regards,

Hello @andreas.fertl

Instead of starting a Chrome driver, or any kind of Webdriver, you can start up a Generic Driver:

this.driver = new GenericDriver();

Then you can create your own reports and steps using the Report object from the driver.

    this.driver = new GenericDriver();

    var reporter = this.driver.Report();

    reporter.Step(description:"This is a step in the report",
        message:"You can add information to the report here",
        passed: true);

Which then you can add information about the step results inside the ‘passed’ argument, and thus creating your reports without any need of any webdriver.