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Anyone who tried to automate webGL maps? i cant tap a icon button inside the div

i was trying to click a portion of the map on our page, but the map is composed by webGL, so when i targeting the icon button it always get the whole div xpath?

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I was hoping there’d be an answer here. I’m currently trying to automate on a leaflet.js map. I have the div and can click on the map but I cant do multiple clicks in different locations to create a polygon :confused:

Hi @erick.caceres and @karlmalonequilatan13.
Indeed this is a difficult case to automate such elements. There is no direct solution at the moment.
But we really want to improve and help you to proceed with your automation.

If it’s possible, can you please send some links to the webpages that are publicly available so we can try to test the possibility and hopefully do some add ons that might help automating this scenarios.

If you don’t have any example pages, but you have a possibility to grant some access to your app - please DM me with this information

Hey Vlad
I have another post that I go into more detail about with the move mouse to element offset addon Im using but still unable to click where the mouse ends up. There is a screenshot there of some steps. I’ll talk to our firm about providing access.