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Anyone here that uses "Pinch gesture" for zoom out? can someone help me? or post an example

I cant find the actions “Pinch” on my list? can someone help me on this? to use pinch gesture for zoom out a map

Hello @karlmalonequilatan13 and thanks for reaching out.

The pinch action is an element action.
It will appear on your list when creating an element action, or hovering over an element and checking the available actions.
See image below:

It is part of the mobile extensions addon, where you can also review the similar actions available, their type and what elements they are applicable for:

i see it, my next question is… what parameter should i input (SCALE)? i want to pinch out/zoom out a map.

Hello @karlmalonequilatan13.

The scale is just the amount of pinches to perform, you can input any number and it would just change the distance you zoom out.

You can try out that input to find what suits your application better, although usually smaller numbers like 1-2 as an input are enough.

can you give vid or example on how pinch gesture works on your end? on my end pinch isn’t working on my end neither input 1 or 2 on the value

Please make sure you’re selecting the correct element when performing the swipe and it’s not being obscured by another element near or on top of it.