Any way to trigger scheduled jobs in concurrent order

I have 3 scheduled jobs that do the following:

  1. setup using a browser
  2. Run tests on iOS device
  3. tear down using a browser

Considering each job can only run using one application or type (web or mobile), is there a way to trigger each job when one job completes without having to depend on just timing ie. hope that the first job ends at 3pm so the other one runs at 3:01pm.

We are working on setup for a client to use this and hoping it can be done in the UI. Maybe this can be done in the CLI? If so, that wouldn’t be ideal but I guess an ok alternative.

first run it manually each ,get the execution duration and then schedule it one after another.

Right, that’s what I meant about the scheduling by timing. I kind of want to avoid that but it seems like a limitation in the UI. Unable to string jobs in a specific order in any other way. Potentially the CLI can do this?