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Any shortcut way to upload the apk file to a single place can be handle to run my test in virtual agent?

Actually i have created couple number of tests but as i was testing those in my physical device so added the application directly to the newly created test from my devices and ignored uploading the apk to each and every tests i created so far.
Now i am facing the problem when tried running the testsuite in virtual agent (Saucelab) . It is askingme to upload the apk to the tests i wanted to run in virtual agent’s emulator. Any shorter way to upload the apk file rather than going to each and every tests and upload it?

Could you please help me urgently! Thanks in Advance!

sure, you only need to upload the apk once and it will apply for the all tests you created.
Since the tests are attached to application, so just update the application under the applications tab with the apk under “upload apk” section.
Once you do it, the apk will automatically distributed for you by TestProject to any device (local or remote) attached to any agent in your account

Thank you for the help!

That completely makes sense. I will try this at my end.
Thanks Again!