Any response from TestProject regarding missing data?


Was there an official response or next steps, from TestProject, regarding the missing data issues from last week? I have not seen anything, nor have my emails been returned. I believe I have seen a few unrelated posts from them, but nothing related to this issue.

@TestPorject - Hopefully you have reviewed this forum and seen how many people were impacted by this missing data issue from last week. My team has personally lost 2-3 days worth of tests, elements, and jobs. By not providing an official response or a resolution, you are leaving people in limbo, on what to do next. I personally did not want to rework the missing data, until I knew if TestProject would be able to restore it.

You have a great product and I completely understand that for a free testing solution, my expectations need to be set accordingly. However, since you have a great product many people are depending on it during their SDLC and daily regression cycles. This lack of communication and response not only costs your customer’s money, but also diminishes the confidence and reputation of your company and your parent company, Tricentis.

I am hoping that this situation is an isolated example and that your service levels will improve in the future.

Thank you


@testproject Adding you to the thread as the tag might have been slightly wrong in the initial discussion.
I agree with @ecolosi. Many companies are depending on your amazing product and having tests disappear is one thing and not having an official response from testproject is something we least expected. Can we please have a response on whether these tests can be restored back and also, what was the root cause and how this can be prevented in the future. Thank you very much.


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