Any Jmeter experts in the house

The breakdown>

I am trying to use JMeter against Mobile Device (Iphone)

so far I have done all the tutorial, with (I have added certificate to my device step 5)

  1. On iOS device go to Settings > Wi-Fi option (Shared Wi-Fi network should be same for both mobile and PC where JMeter is installed).
  2. Click on the connected network.
  3. Select the ‘Manual’ option as HTTP Proxy.
  4. Set the ‘Server’ as your PC IP address and ‘Port’ to 8888 (or any available port) as the JMeter proxy server.
  5. Install the downloaded certificate for iOS.

My problem is no matter what, I do I cannot get my phone to connect to wifi, which of course causes me to not be able to open and use the app I am trying to test.

I don’t know what is going on or how to fix it. I have searched everywhere for a solution and can not find anything, so I figured I would reach out here, since everyone here is pretty damn smart and someone must have either seen this before or at least point me to a fix. I really appreciate it.

Will be happy to provide any more details needed. Thank you

There are two settings in the iOS devices you should “enable” after you have downloaded the certificate on the iOS device:
1)Settings>General>About>Certificate Trust settings and enable the jmeter certificate
2)Settings>General>VPN & Device Management> Configuration profiles and install the jmeter certificate

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