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Android/iOS Recording -> Download Code -> VS 2019

I have recorded steps through the recording at TestProject. Downloaded the C# code/package from TestProject. Ported it into Visual Studio 2019. Ran VS 2019 in “Debugging” mode. The execution ran flawlessly and passed. Excellent …TestProject, 2 thumbs up. The extension is .CS . I want to produce an executable (.exe) file, that I can port to another computer and run the “.exe” file.I understand that TestProject does not support .NETFramework. Can this be changed and start to support .NETFramework? It surely would help lots of prospective TestProject users and developers.
How can this be achieved? Steps please? Thank you.

Hi @Wamiq.Sattar,

This is currently a feature request. I went ahead and flagged this with our product team.
That said, one of the reasons we are using .NET Core instead of the .NET Framework, is the ability to execute the tests without being depended on any operating system.

Kind regards,