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Android GamePlay Testing

Hi I have a gaming app and would like to perform tests that not only tests its functionalities before starting the actual gameplay but would also like to check if the game can be played or not in an automated fashion , I am new to both appium and selenium and would like to know if testing gameplay requires the usage of bots or it can be done in a live environment where multiple users (upto 6) join in and play the game . The app is built and it works fine but I would like to incorporate automated testing to test various facets of gameplay (considering my game to be that of card game I would like to test if during the game my users are able to pick a card , discard a card , shuffle a card ) Any help is appreciated if I am supposed to use the SDK please advice how to use it as I have only been using the recorder available for mobile testing . Thanks

Hello @sm.alihussaini
It depends on how the game was built.

Most games are built using frameworks like Unreal or Unity, those are not well supported using the recorder as they are Hybrid built applications, while we support native applications.
By Q4 of this year, we will add support for Hybrid applications.

You can of course give the recorder a try and see if it works, like I said, it depends on how the application was built.

For now, you are welcome to try our SDK to create your tests, as our SDKs support Hybrid applications.