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Android device can not detect on windows 10 but can connect on Linux

HI All,
When I connect device via windows 10, Testproject seems does not detect it. I tried with ADB command and it work ( detected device, get Android phone information)
I re-installed Testproject agent but same problem
I tried again in Linux, Testproject detected device !!
I include the screenshot to show that device is connected via Windows 10 on ADB
Any one have experience about this problem or how can I check testproject log to debug this issue

Hi @sonha,

What is your device’s model?
Did you enable these options in the developer option?

  • Enable “Developer options”. This could be done by going to “Settings” -> “About Phone” -> repeatedly tapping the “Build number”. You should get a message that says your enabled developer options.
  • Inside “Developer options”, enable:
    • “Stay Awake”
    • “USB debugging”
    • Under “Select USB configuration” select “MTP”.
  • Then, scroll down and turn the animation off for:
    • “Window animation scale”
    • “Transition animation scale”
    • “Animator duration scale”
  • When plugging in the USB cable to the Android device, you will be asked 3 things:
    • Allow access to device data -> select “YES”
    • Allow USB debugging -> select “OK”

Hi @amit.yahav
I did all those steps, as I can connect to device by testproject agent via Linux, but cant on Windows 10
Is there any log of testproject to check it ?

Hi @sonha,

There is an option to get the logs.
Can you please send me a message in the TestProject chat? We can continue our discussion there

Thank you Amit.
I resolved my issue
Root cause : Can not detect ADB.exe because wrong ADB path on windows system variables path.

I suggest Testproject should be check 2 cases

  1. Detect ADB via system variables path first
  2. Incase ADB (1) failed -> use ADB default of testproject

Thank you @sonha for summarizing our conversion :slight_smile:
We will investigate this special scenario and if needed, we’ll add the required changes.

Kind regards,