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[Android and IOS] Taking Pictures Automation

How i can simulate taking pictures on smartphone? Android and IOS.

I need upload a image?

Hello Ran Tzur,

How are you?

So, i have app that have de functionality of facial recognition, and i need automate this recognition, maybe input a photo to recognize, and simulate taking a photo.

Can you understand me?

Hey, you can just use the recorder to create a test which opens the camera app and take a picture.

but i can repeat this steps? without manual action?
So the record can save my picture and repeat the take picture?

Yes you can select how many times you wish the step to take:
Just change the value there to how many times you wish that step to take.
You can find at the bottom of the menu that opens after you select a step.

Another thing you can do is create a job which contains that test, and schedule it to run in whatever time you see fit.

Thank you Ran.

I can do more questions for you?

Yes of course, always here to help.

Ok hahaha.

Ran, i have a group of steps that i need repeat, and not only one step.

For example:

I have 10 steps on scenario, but on this scenarios, i need repeat 5 steps by 40 times.

What i do? I copy and paste this steps, but the scenario stay very very long.

I can do this of another way?

I can show to you, if you need.

You need 5 steps that perform in that order, 40 times?
Like a loop where those 5 steps take place one after another and that loop occurs 40 times?


Follow the example below

You can create a test which has this 6 steps, then call that test from your main test and repeat that step 40 times or create a job which holds that test and schedule it 40 times.

i understand Ran, thank you.

Your’e very welcome, if you need any further assistance you can contact me through chat :slight_smile:

Thanks Ran.

Have a good day.

Enviado do Email para Windows 10

@ran.tzur can you help me again about this?

Hey Felipe, how can I help?

I need do this photo with my app, and with the camera of device.

I did this one time, but when i automated this step, the image of photo don’t stay save, and i need take a photo again with my face.

I can automate this step with a fix image? to simulate a photo with my camera?

Hey Felipe can you please contact me on our Chat?
I would like to help you solve the issue as fast as possible :slight_smile:

Hello Ran,

i dont find this chat, but you have a skype for example?

to do a video call? or something like that.

Hey Felipe, you go to your testproject account and press on the button on the bottom-right