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Android - Agent couldn’t install UIAutomator

I’m new to TestProject but having some issues.

I’m running on a Mac, the agent is authorised and running (apparently) and I’ve connected an Android phone that is within the specified requirements and has dev options enabled, however, when I try to access the phone to create a test and get package and activity information, I get the following error messages " ‘Failed to retrieve applications, please try again’ and ‘Agent couldn’t install UIAutomator on server (phone info is listed here)’.

I have previously used Appium so already have the info to hand, so I added the app manually, but still get the same error message about UIAutomator and on the record screen, the phone screen mirroring closes leaving me with nothing to tap and record actions.

I’ve updated to the new release this morning, but it hasn’t solved the issue.
Any suggestions? Do I need any add-ons to help make this function?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @raytoncb
Can you search your device for the UiAutomator application, uninstall it and try again.
Please let me know if that helped.

Hi @ran.tzur,
Thank you for getting back to me.
I had previously done that and still had the issue, however, I ended up removing everything and re-installing, which seemed to resolve the problem.
Now I’ve got different issues with scrolling. :man_facepalming: It’s a learning curve. :laughing:

Oh I see, well first I’m glad it works now.
Regarding the swipe issue, you can elaborate more here or you can always reach out to us in the Chat.
We are always happy to help.


I have the same problem. What exactly need to be uninstalled from the phone?


Hello @ravi.kandula, search for your device for an application called UiAutomator, if you find it, delete it and try again.
If it is not there, please let me know.