Alternatives for TP?

This is interesting. Could you give us more information? In our team non-programmers are present and they do e2e test with TP Recorder mode. It was(and actually is) a great experience for them. Cypress have community and support. How is the experience for non-programmers use Cypress?

Notice? how is for non-progammers?

I’ve tried Waldo and it works well. It puts a unique spin on record and playback functionality for iOS and Android apps and provides the remote infrastructure for execution as well. They have a free trial too. Worth checking out in my opinion.

Hey sorry, they had to reschedule yesterday because of travel issues. We are meeting up today (in about 4 hours.) I will report back then on

Just had an hour or so long demo with the creator of this and it seems really promising. The UI is great for creating tests (similar to Google’s for things like Google Drive) with a wide arrange of browsers and devices. There are a lot of pre-defined steps which made it easy to create some tests with no code. It’s totally open source too, and you can get going with the local version by just following the Github instructions. I received full access to the Cloudhosted version which is quite similar to TestProject.

Would be curious to see anyone elses experience with the platform. The creator is a really nice guy as well whose been in the tech industry for decades. They are available for any questions and support anyone has.Oh, and it’s free.

Thank you so much for you time & feedback. Appreciate it.

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I have a call in about two hours. Will let you guys know my feeling. One thing for me is I asked for test access last week and still haven’t gotten any email for that :frowning: . But if the tool is sufficient for us we are willing to pay for it, since we don’t want a second TP. And the paid version is also not as expensive as a lot of other tools (it’s about € 1500,- per year I think).

How to get access to co.meta? when i try to register it’s redirecting to

You need to request Early Access, then I believe have a quick meeting with them to go through a demo. I was given access after that meeting and am good to go now. I’ll be using it today / this weekend and report back some more concrete findings, but it’s pretty sleek so far. While still ‘early-ish’ and not a huge community like TestProject, I am really impressed at its current state and potential future.

if its a free open source , we might end up like TP . Thoughts ?

Found these alternatives:

Opensource is not like TP, if there is a community that can build on it you’re not dependant on the business to be able to use it. If they decide to pull the plug, others can get the code and continue. TP was free, but not opensource.

Has anyone on here looked into Functionize yet?

@WaYang is it for both mobile and web apps?

According to this graphic:

I believe it’s only mobile browser capabilities so nothing on mobile app.

I since moved on from TP, it was good until it lasted:

Now below are tools I think comparable and even more powerful, just need to learn a few minimal coding, learning basic Javascript wont hurt:

for Web Automation:

for Mobile:
WebdriverIO (Appium)

PS. Remember that TP is just a wrapper around Selenium

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Does anybody know how much waldo costs? Can’t find any pricing…

Waldo cost $24.000 p.y. (use google cache)